What a 360 Photo Booth is and Why You’ll Love It?

If you haven’t heard of the 360 Photo Booth, it’s one of the hottest and trendiest entertainment vehicles on the market today. Perfect for parties and live events, it calls for subjects to step on to a platform, after which a revolving video camera rotates 360 degrees around them, capturing 120 frames per second.

This generates a slow-motion video which can instantly be transferred to the user’s email or text-messaging software. It can be made even more entertaining by applying custom backdrops or overlays. It will require about two hours of setup time at your event, and after that it can be used for as long as you need it. A huge cut above the traditional photo booth, the 360 Photo Booth can provide a terrific lasting memory of any special event that you attend.

Why you’ll love it 

People are in love with the newest technology, and this device certainly qualifies. It operates on cutting-edge technology that captures slow-motion video and can be played back by a user at any time. This is something completely different than any other photo booth you’ve ever experienced at a party or live event.


Rather than having a static camera pointing at a setup backdrop, the 360 camera actually rotates all the way around the subject, capturing the view from all sides. The high-definition camera captures all actions of the subjects, who might be dancing, talking, telling jokes, or literally anything they can think of.


When it’s installed at any venue, it will be unmistakable, partly because it has a fairly large footprint. Your guests will initially be curious, but then when the first subject steps onto the platform in the booth, and their actions are captured, the fun will begin for everyone. Most of your party guests will probably want to take a turn in the 360 Booth, and they’ll all have their own ideas for comic presentations, or for memorable messages.


The booth can also be customized to your event, so it has maximum appeal to all your guests. A branded video overlay can be created prior to the event, and appropriate music can be selected, so it plays throughout the event. Custom backdrops can be setup to enhance the appeal of the booth, custom decals can be applied to the exterior, custom printed props can be setup, and you can include confetti drops as well as additional studio lighting if that would be appropriate for your event.

The creativity options with the 360 Booth are endless. You can incorporate Video FX so that you can achieve effects such as split screen, slow motion, color filters, and a host of other options that might add to the excitement and interest. All you have to do is discuss your desired options ahead of time with your provider, so it can all be in place when the big night rolls around.

After the event 

Once the event is over, there are still some options to consider. For instance, you can establish a link to all the videos taken, and you can collect data such as email addresses of participants, as well as demographic information. After guests have used the 360 Booth, they will be asked for permission to have their email address saved, so there is no chance of upsetting anyone over privacy issues. Your guests will be able to send their videos to their own email address, or to post it instantly to one of the social media platforms.


You can have the booth managed during the event by caretakers who are experts on its functionality and usage. This will ensure that there doesn’t get to be a bottleneck around the booth, and that everyone gets a chance to capture themselves on slow-motion video. It will also guarantee that high-quality video is being created for all your guests, and that no one gets disappointed.

Contact Us 

If all this sounds like something you’d like to include at your next live event or celebration, contact us at Ineffable Views. We can arrange to have one of our exciting and entertaining 360 Booths setup at your location, so the entertainment part of your event can be a huge success. Everyone is talking about this new party thriller, so why not have one setup at your event and see what it’s all about? It’s something you really can’t go wrong about, and your guests will be talking for weeks after the event about what a terrific opportunity it brought to the party. Contact us today